Past Speakers

Our path to the present: a look at the conference history

Why NOT Me?

Featuring Keynote speakers
Margot Stern & Yael Schuster, Mel Robbins, and Rita Moreno

Focus Sessions:
Kim Lear “The Future Factors: Top Factors Impacting Relationships in an Age of Empowerment”
Cy Wakeman “Say Why Not to Change”
Kim Meninger “Maximize Your Seat at the Table”
Dr. Kristina Hallett “You Can Make the Impossible POSSIBLE, by Changing Your Thinking”

Be Curious

Featuring Keynote speakers
Amy Cuddy and Lena Waithe

Lunch Panelists: Kirk Arnold, Nancy Shendell-Falik, and Lisa Tanzer

Focus Sessions:
Dr. Stephen Brand “Curiosity at the Core”
Cy Wakeman “Ditching the Drama”
Dr. Tasha Eurich “The Power of Insight”
Linda Galindo “Accountable Leadership”

The Business of People: Empowered By Empathy
Featuring Keynote speakers
Shiza Shadid
Nely Galán
Nicholas Sparks

Breakout Sessions:

Is Intuition a Real Thing?: Tools for Making Your Best Decisions Now

Action Oriented Leadership Panel: Insights and Tools for Leaders

Executive Track – Empathy and Emotional Intelligence:
The Secret to Leadership Success & Happiness at Work

Empowering Empathy Locally and Abroad

  • Hilary Corna, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Founder of the #DareYourself Movement

Featuring Keynote speakers
Marlee Matlin
Veronika Scott
Arianna Huffington

Breakout Sessions:

Trends to Watch in 2016

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI): Developing the useful mental habits for sustainable wellbeing and success

  • Laurie Cameron, SIYLI-certified teacher and mentor, executive coach, an senior fellow with the Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing at George Mason University

The ‘M’ Word: Money Tips to Help Women Thrive

  • Lynne Marino, Global Wealth & Investment Management, AVP, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Celebrating Sisterhood
Featuring Keynote speakers
Angélique Kidjo
Kathy Giusti
Gloria Estefan

Breakout Sessions:

Thanks for the Feedback

  • Sheila Heen, Founder Triad Consulting Group, author of Difficult Conversations and Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well (Even When It’s Off-Base, Unfair, Poorly Delivered and Frankly, You’re Not in the Mood.

Unleash Your Productivity Potential 

  • Wendy Ellin, Workplace Productivity Strategist and Author Enough is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff.

Going After Your Next Big Thing

The Next Advancement in Breast Cancer Surgery –Excision of Cancer in 8 Seconds 

  • Dr. Steven M. Schonholz, MD, Director of the Comprehensive Breast Program, Noble Hospital

Nutrition Myth Busters & Fast Facts

  • Lynn Ostrowski, Ph.D., Director, Corporate Responsibility & Government Affairs, Health New England

Get Fit While You Work

  •  Lynn Ostrowski, Ph.D., Director, Corporate Responsibility & Government Affairs, Health New England

Fight Like a Girl – Getting STRONG to LIVE Well

  • Dawn LaPierre, Coordinator, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, YMCA of Greater Springfield

Own Your Story
Featuring Keynote speakers
Lara Setrakian
Bruce Feiler
Barbara Walters

Breakout Sessions:

The Impostor Syndrome

  • Valerie Young, author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women

Telling Your Story with Humor

  • Lisa Kogan, writer-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine

What do you mean “I Have a Genetic Mutation for Breast Cancer?”

  • Steven Schonholz, MD, FACS, breast surgeon and director of the Comprehensive Breast Program, Noble Hospital

MELT: How to Live an Active, Pain Free, Healthy Life!

  • Shelly Pirroni and Kerrie Bodendorf, The Pilates Studio

Work Fit!

  • Marylynn Ostrowski, director of corporate relations and brand, Health New England

Would You Recognize a Cancer Symptom?

  • Sandy Foster, director of education and outreach, 15-40 Connection

Understanding Your Biometrics & Goal Setting

  • Marylynn Ostrowski, director of corporate relations and brand, Health New England

Own Your Legacy: The Philanthropic Autobiography

  • Sarah Nathan, PhD, assistant professor of nonprofit management and philanthropy at Bay Path University

Writer’s Block Isn’t an Option for Your Career

  • Jason Chateauneuf, SPHR, MBA, vice president of human resources, Yankee Candle

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover…or Can You?

  • Kimberly Robinson Williams, MBA, SPHR, diversity consultant in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Baystate Health

Five Tips for Your Next Critical Career Move

  • Christine Mark, CEO and co-founder of Gravity Switch

Disrupting Mentorship and Accelerating Results with a Many to One Personal Advisory Board™

  • IIene Fischer, CEO and founder of WomenLEAD

Be Bold
Featuring Keynote speakers
Susan Cain
Jenn Lim
Queen Latifah

Spotlight Speech:
King Peggy, King of Otuam, Ghana, Africa

Breakout Sessions:

Your Value Proposition: The Key to Marketing Yourself Successfully

  • Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed., Certified Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, Self-Promotion Expert and Forbes Contributing Writer

The Art of Mentoring

  • Porter Gale, Former VP of Marketing at Virgin America

Making Happy Work

  • Shereen Eltobgy and Sunny Grosso, Facilitators from Delivering Happiness LLC.

Lead with Compassion
Featuring Keynote speakers
Sister Helen Prejean
Majora Carter
Ashley Judd

Breakout Sessions:

How To Build A Powerful, Compassionate Workplace

Forgive For Good

  • Fredric Luskin, PhD., Co-Founder and Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project

Get Financially Naked: How To Talk Money To Your Honey

The Power of Choice
Featuring Keynote speakers
Wes Moore
Alison Levine
Victoria R. Kennedy

Breakout Sessions:

Women, Stress & Fatigue: Best Solutions

  • Holly Atkinson, Author of the Seminal book, Women & Fatigue

True Grit, Can Perseverance Be Taught?

  • Angela L. Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania Professor

The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Women

  • Deborah Owens, financial services veteran and Wealth Coach on My Generation TV; a national PBS Show

Meaning: How Remarkable Women Lead

  • Catherine Tweedie; organizational change consultant McKinsey & Co

Community Matters
Featuring Keynote speakers
Soledad O’Brien
Leigh Anne & Collins Tuohy
Nicholas Kristof & Somaly Mam

Breakout Sessions:

They Don’t Teach Corporate in College/Millennial Tweet

  • Alexandra Levit, Wall St. Journal columnist

Work, Education, and Family Balance

  • Sarah Perez-McAdoo, MD, Obstetrician/Gynecologist at Baystate Medical Center
  • Christine Henriques Mark, co-founder Gravity Switch
  • Anne Caruso ’05, Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Specialist
  • Jessica Fraga ’05, G’08, Baystate Health nurse recruiter
  • Martha S. LaCroix, Exec. VP and chief human resources officer, The Yankee Candle Company Inc

Creating an Inclusive Work Community

  • Bobby Rodriguez, chief diversity officer for Baystate Health

Political Savvy at Work

  • Diane Holman, VP and chief learning officer for Raytheon

Featuring Keynote speakers
C. Vivian Stringer
Jill Bolte Taylor
Anita Renfroe

Breakout Sessions:

My Answer is NO..if That’s Okay With You

  • Nanette K. Gartrell, MD

Her Place at the Table: Using Negotiation Skills to Get What You Want

  • Carol Frohlinger, Esq.

Formulating Your Financial Plan

  • Dee Lee, CFP

Defying Gravity: Finding Passion & Purpose at Any Age

  • Prill Boyle, Author

Featuring Keynote speakers
Luma Mufleh
Shelly Lazarus
Jane Fonda 

Breakout Sessions:

Creating Your Personal Brand

  • Sue Hodgkinson, Principal of The Personal Brand Company, Creator of Leadership Brand Management & Personal Brand Management

The Power of Positive Confrontation; A Better Way to Handle Conflict

  • Barbara Pachter, business etiquette & communications speaker, coach, author

Improvisation for the Spirit

  • Katie Goodman, creator, writer, director of Broad Comedy

Personality and Your Potential

  • David Yelle, Dean of Students, Bay Path University


Featuring Keynote speakers
Maya Angelou
Mia Farrow
Lynn Donohue 

Breakout Sessions:

It’s all about Me: The Power of Us for Better Life and Health

  • Helaine Fischer, innovator, entrepreneur, creator of CircleXchange

Ready to Wear

  • Mary Lou Andre, founder & President of Organization By Design, Inc.

Speak like a CEO

  • Suzanne Bates, executive coach, author, speaker, entrepreneur, TV anchor

Bless Your Stress

  • Mimi Donaldson, author

Humor Incorporated
Featuring Keynote speakers
Nora Ephron
Emily Levine
Lynne Truss

Breakout Sessions:

The Change before the Change

  • Laura Corio, MD, physician, author, commentator

Reading Between the Lines

  • Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, PHD, Jury Consultant, Television Analyst, Author

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

  • Rosamund Stone Zander, therapist and painter

“Unfinished Business: A Democrat and a Republican Take on The 10 Most Important Issues Women’s Face” Panel

  • Julianne Malveaux, Economist, author, commentator
  • Deborah Perry, commentator and public speaker

Breaking Barriers
Featuring Keynote speakers
Dr. Madeleine Albright
Catherine Crier
Erin Gruwell

Breakout Sessions:

“Breaking the Ultimate Barrier” Panel

  • Barbara Lee, Activist-Philanthropist; Principal of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation
  • Rosemarie Boyd, President & CEO of American Women Presidents
  • Laura Liswood, Co-Founder and Secretary General, Council of Women World Leaders; formerly the Global Leadership and Diversity Advisor, Goldman Sachs

Creating Dialogues that Lead to Change

  • Phoebe Eng, strategist, lecturer, author

What Gap? Home and Work

  • Anne Crittenden, author

Running Down Roadblocks

  • Katherine Switzer, author, past program director for Avon Running Global Women’s Circuit

Featuring Keynote speakers
Dr. Jerri Nielsen
Sherron Watkins
Carol Mosely Braun 

Breakout Sessions:

Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: Timeless Strategies from the First Lady of Courage

  • Robin Gerber, SR. Fellow in Executive Education School of Business, University of Maryland, Author

Difficult Conversations: What Everyone should Know

  • Michele Gravelle, Executive Director, Vantage Training

“Courageous Paths” Panel

  • Judy Reeves, Senior VP, NRT Inc.
  • LCDR Melissa J. Schuermann, U.S. Navy Public Affairs
  • Mildred Robbins Leet, Co-founder & Chair of the Board Trickle Up Program
  • Kerry J. Kuhlman, President & CEO Western Mass Electric Company

Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn

  • Peggy Klaus, President and Consultant, Klaus & Associates, author

Creating Your Spark
Featuring Keynote speakers
Lisa Ling
Kay Koplovitz
Anna Deavere Smith

Breakout Sessions:

Navigating the Innovation Process

  • Dorothy Leonard, Professor of Business Admin. Harvard University

Still Nuts after All These Years

  • Ginger Hardage, VP, Corporate Communications Southwest Airlines

Leap and a Net will Appear

  • Nan Crawford, President Nan & Crawford Co., Artistic Director, Pacific Playback Theatre

Entrepreneurship – Creating Your Own Path

  • Kay Koplovitz, moderator

Embracing Change
Featuring Keynote speakers
Andrea Mitchell
Jane Bryant Quinn
Judy Carter 

Breakout Sessions:

Organizing from the Inside Out

  • Julie Morgenstern, author

Embracing Change in the Workplace

  • Ronna Lichtenberg, columnist

“Changing Our Global Perspectives” Panel

  • Amber Chand, Co-founder,
  • Naomi Tutu, Activist
  • Francesca Gray, Assistant professor, Clinical Dept. of Med, NYU School of Medicine

In the Company of Women

  • Pat Heim, author

A Professional and Personal Journey 

Featuring Keynote speakers
Rita Moreno
Ann Fudge
Ellen Goodman & Patricia O’Brien

Breakout Sessions:

Power Up: How to Negotiate for Results in Your Life

  • Mimi Donaldson, Human communications expert

 How to Create Your Second Life at Any Age

  • Barbara Sher, author and lecturer

“Are your Values Working” Panel

  • Gail Rae and David Gebler, The Working Values Group, Ltd.

“The DollarDiva: Stages of Economic Development

  • Joline Godfrey, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Means, Inc.

Developing Dialogues:
Communications for the 21st Century
Featuring Keynote speakers
Elaine Chao
Anna Quindlen
Linda Ellerbee

Breakout Sessions:

“Partnering with Your Health Care Professionals” Panel

  • Nancy Weiss, surgeon
  • Karen Ferroni, OB-GYN specialist

Promoting Family Dialogue

  • Sylvia Rimm, Child Psychologist

Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money

  • Barbara Stanny, author

Nothing’s impossible: Leadership Lessons from the Field

  • Lorraine Monroe, principal of Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Academy, founded the School Leadership Academy and the Center for Educational Innovation

Taking The Path of Greater Risk
Featuring Keynote speakers
Loretta LaRoche
Susan L. Taylor
Ann Richards

Breakout Sessions:

Trends in Technology

  • Gina Smith, journalist, technology consultant for ABC News, Radio Host for ABC

Women and Investing

  • Laura Pederson, NY Times columnist, author of Street-Smart Career Guide & Play Money-My Brief but Brilliant Career on Wall Street, former stand-up comedian

“Women who have Taken the Path of Greater Risk” Panel

  • Jerilyn P. Asher, founder of Physicians Quality Care, Inc., Chief Executive officer & Chairwoman of the board of directors
  • Judy Fearing, Senior VP of Marketing for ESPN
  • Christy Haubegger, founder of Latina magazine

For Peace of Mind, Resign as General Manager of the Universe

  • Judith Viorst, writer, graduate of Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

Pathways For Leadership
Featuring Keynote speakers
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Faith Popcorn
Evelyn Lauder 

Breakout Sessions:

Strong Women Stay Young

  • Miriam E. Nelson, Associate Chief of The Human Physiology Laboratory at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, assistant professor of nutrition at Tufts University, author of Strong Women Stay Young

Women and Entrepreneurship

  • Laura Pedersen, NY Times Columnist, author of Street-Smart Career Guide, former stand- up comedian

“Beyond the Wonder Woman Myth” Panel

  • Bernadette Grey, Editor in Chief Working Woman magazine
  • Deborah Wilburn, Deputy Editor Working Mother magazine
  • Monique Greenwood, Executive Editor Essence magazine

Empowering Your Team

  • Patricia Heim, management consultant & President of The Heim Group in California

World Class Ways of Doing Business
Featuring Keynote speakers
Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Cokie Roberts 

Breakout Sessions:

Productive Conflict Skills

  • Pat Heim, management consultant & President of The Heim Group in California

“World Class Ways of Doing Business” Panel

  • Margery Morehardt, President/CEO Techni-Products, Inc.
  • B. Smith, B. Smith Restaurants
  • Anna Williams, Founding Partner Williams Benator & Libby

Listening to America

  • Brenda Garton, WWLP TV-22 anchorwoman interviewed Linda Werthmeimer, host of “All Things Considered” & political correspondent

Creating Corporate Image from the Inside Out

  • Dianne des Roches, management and marketing consultant

New Ways of Doing Business:
Conversations with Women of Influence 

Featuring Keynote speakers
Elizabeth Dole
Patricia Aburdene

Breakout Sessions:

Invisible Rules – Communicating in the work place

  • Pat Heim, management consultant, author lecturer, President of the Heim Group, CA

The power of Technology: Pathways to Success 

  • Susanna Opper, award winning writer and co-author of Technology for Teams: Enhancing Productivity in Networked Organizations.

“Women in Politics” Panel

  • Brenda Garton-Sjoberg , Moderator
  • Nancy Johnson, US Congress Women
  • Mary Rogeness, Massachusetts State Representative
  • Linda Melonian, Massachusetts State Senator
  • Gloria Larson, Former Massachusetts Secretary of Economic Affairs
  • Kathy Whitmire, former five-term and first woman Mayor of the City of Houston

“New Ways of Doing Business” Panel

  • Carolyn Robbins, Moderator
  • Eva Thomson, Senior VP and CFO and MassVentures Corp
  • Mary Louise Hatten, Strategic Planning Consultant
  • Karen Wilson, Business Growth consultant, founder and President The Momentum Group, Inc.