Empowering Empathy Locally and Abroad with Hilary Corna

Hilary Corna, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Founder of the #DareYourself Movement

Empowering Empathy Locally and Abroad

In this track, college students and those in the field for under seven years, will learn about the secret sauce of Toyota, what companies are calling for of individuals in the 2017 global economy, and leave with new tools to apply what they learned in their current work, their personal life, and construct an individualized plan to change for the better!

Hilary Corna, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Former Senior Executive Officer with Toyota Motor Asia Pacific in Singapore, Founder of the #DareYourself Movement

Morning Session – Part 1

How awareness and empathy got me my first job out of college with an international Fortune 100 Company.

In this session, attendees will hear Hilary’s personal story of working for Toyota in Singapore, the secrets behind Toyota’s success, and how their people-focused management was the most valuable takeaway from the experience abroad, especially for women.

What you will take away from the session:

  • Millennials and Empathy: What it is and why it matters
  • The top five traits needed to succeed in the global world economy
  • Real-world examples of empathy in an multi-national Fortune 100 company
  • Why top-down companies are disappearing and organizations are flattening
  • The importance of cultural competence and how women can maximize this opportunity

Afternoon Session – Part 2

How awareness and empathy brought me success at Toyota and how you can strengthen this trait in you.

In this session, attendees will hear how Hilary used her attribute of empathy for the betterment of Toyota, how empathy affects one early in their career and what pitfalls to avoid, and the tricks to using it for the good of others.

  • The role of empathy in your twenties in personal and work life
  • How to lead by example to foster empathy
  • Why relationships and fierce conversations are essential to success
  • The unspoken threat to American new graduates
  • How to apply empathy and empower it in others

About Hilary Corna:

Hilary is a leading GenY female speaker and trainer that has been described as a mix between Brene Brown and Guy Kawasaki. She delivers pragmatic, story-based, interactive programs that challenge individuals and organizations to think differently. Using her post-college experience as a Kaizen Change expert at Toyota Asia in charge of 15 Asian countries, Hilary is passionate about bringing the Japanese concepts of the east to the west to change for the better. In the past 5 years, she is one of only a few female college speakers and has given over 200 keynote presentations in all states nationwide to crowds of 5 to 5,000.

Hilary is also the author of One White Face published by Greenleaf (2017), which is now being adapted for television, and founded the #DareYourself Movement on college campuses to empower college students to take risks and dare unabashedly. Hilary has been quoted in numerous publications, including The Muse, Mashable, The New York Times, and ForbesWoman and has appeared on networks such as NBC, TED and ABC.

Hilary speaks conversational Japanese, resides In Austin Texas and has a bigger goal of having a little girl so she can dress her in Hello Kitty.

Her book, One White Face, Synopsis:

Hilary Corna knew exactly what she was supposed to do as an American college graduate with a business degree: find a decent job, move to a city and settle down with the man she loved. But she was anything but a typical twenty-two-year-old college graduate. Against everyone’s advice, she purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore in hopes of starting her career in Asia. She left home with just one suitcase, a love for Asian culture, and a determination to succeed. What could have ended in failure turns into the greatest adventure of her life, complete with the challenges of working as the “one white face” of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific. Along with her new career came the thrills of traveling to exotic destinations, the pain of living twelve time zones away from loved ones, and the birth of new friendships across cultures. Over the next three years, Hilary studies kaizen, a business method and management style for problem solving, and applies it during her work with dealerships in the Philippines and India. She blossoms under the guidance of Japanese big bosses who develop from mentors into friends and father figures. With a conversational tone and brutal honesty, Hilary invites readers along on her journey of becoming a global citizen—a journey where she discovers the beauty of life and explores her own identity not as one white face, but as a member of humanity.


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