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Every year, we think broadly about what is happening around us locally, nationally, and globally to determine our theme for the conference. This year the question, “Why Not Me?” is what we will explore as the theme. Women are making waves around the world, effecting positive change in their lives, communities, and beyond.

So often in our lives, we think, “Why can’t I be ______? do ______?” The thing is, we can. We each have the power within us to make our dreams a reality and actualize our goals.

Let’s do it. Let’s not hesitate. Challenge the status quo. Embrace your full potential.

Listen UP!

Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, internationally recognized social media influencer, and 2019 WLC lunchtime keynote speaker Mel Robbins has a message for you:  

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Rita Moreno Mixes Up a Carnival in the Kitchen

“My ovaries may not make babies, but I’m not done for,” said the 87-year-old actress, who stars in the Netflix reboot of “One Day at a Time.”

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Estafan and Moreno

Gloria Estefan joined Rita Moreno for the season opening of “One Day at a Time”.

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