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Leaders need to understand their business and their people. Discover how becoming a more empathetic leader builds strong teams and relationships in the workplace and at home. Empathy creates connection between socio-economic, ethnic and geographic lines. Empathy allows us to influence, inspire and help people achieve their dreams and goals. It allows us to connect with others in real and meaningful ways, which makes us happier and more effective at work and in life. The business of people is empowered by empathy.

At our 22nd annual Women’s Leadership Conference we will explore  empathy and its use in our daily lives, how it empowers us individually and as a team, and how it can help each of us to become better, stronger, and more compassionate leaders.

The 22nd Annual Conference

Bay Path Women’s Leadership Conference, Floods Springfield.

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Tips From Media Entrepreneur, Nely Galán

January 20, 2017 Steve Harvey  interview with Nely  Galán, Latina Media Dynamo and author.

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How to Tell if a Potential Hire Has Emotional Intelligence

Written by TOM GIMBEL, Mar 12, 2017 10:00 pm ET,  The Wall Street Journal

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