2019 Applause

What was your favorite part of the conference?

  • I was completely impressed with the variety and quality of the speakers and the amazing level of their presentations. Everything was so well coordinated – the speakers were excellent, the logistics were carefully orchestrated and there was an abundance of friendly greeters who helped everyone to feel welcome. – Kay Simpson, Springfield Museums
  • I attended the 24th annual Bay Path University Women’s Leadership conference last week. I was raving not only about the day, but the impact it has had over the years.  I am so appreciative for the vision AND the action (hard work!) it took to achieve. Having so many engaged women in the room learning from each other and with each other is energizing and powerful.  And the compounding effect of having this opportunity over many years is even more valuable.  Thank you for helping us build bridges, be challenged, stretch and grow with a healthy dose of good old fashioned inspiration. – Katie Allan Zobel – President and CEO, Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
  • Cy’s presentation skills are amazing. She can really hold your attention. I took away some great information on performance appraisals in particular. I loved her thoughts on including the drama factor as part of a person’s performance. How much drama you bring to the team is really a major influence on the entire team.  LOVE IT!! -Pat Hallberg, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts
  • Awesome job with the conference! My team enjoyed every minute of it, so energizing and inspiring. Cy and Mel were my absolute favorites; they will definitely have an impact on the way I live my life from now on….5…4…3…2…1. – Donna M. Shea, Program Director, Technology Transfer Center, University of Connecticut.
  • You may not always have a role model to pave the way but as a minority, I should not let that be a deterrent to my success; and I will not allow anyone to “typecast” or decide what roles within the organization are suitable for me. Rita Moreno really spoke to me! – Anonymous
  • A great motivational day spent with a great group of women. – Anonymous
  • The conference was incredible. It is so helpful to everyone’s self-development, especially as women leaders. There was a nice mixture of all kinds of inspiring women speakers, starting with someone who is closer to everyone, the emerging leaders Dr. Mom and Margot, then a bit further to the activist Mel, and eventually the established figure Rita. They all shared “Why Not Me” through various perspectives, which were helpful to myself as well as it would to my peers. I already shared Mel’s 5 Second Rule to several of my friends after I came back and they all found it interesting. – Hongyu Mao, External Vice President, Rice Chinese Students & Scholars Association
  • Rita’s presentation again drove home the message from the morning keynotes – that women are overlooked, treated unfairly, harassed…but that if it is a goal or dream you want, you must keep working for it and not give up. – Anonymous

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