2014 Applause

What was your favorite part of the conference?

  • There was something really vulnerable and honest about this year’s conference (Own your Story). It was truly awe-inspiring and moved me to tears at certain points throughout the day.
    – Andrea Smith
  • You outdid yourself this year. It was fabulous. Always is a wonderful day. – Joan Cinner
  • I’ve been thinking about the speakers all weekend.  I can’t even begin to suggest that any one of them was my favorite. – Rene Kane
  • The conference was amazing! The Elms College students, myself and the Director of Student Activities had a wonderful day.  Can’t wait for next year.  – Nancy Davis
  • Wow! What a terrific conference!!! Truly amazing! – Anonymous
  • Bravo!!!  Another wonderful conference and crowd. Bravo, Bravo and more. – Susan Jaye-Kaplan
  • OUTSTANDING CONFERENCE.  Thanks so much for supporting and elevating Western Mass. – Dianne Fuller Doherty
  • The inspiration received. Each part told a different story that every single person could identify with and as a result you felt inspired and filled with strength. It made you realize that you have the power to see things differently and when you do that you create so many more options for yourself. It also encourages one to reach out to others rather than isolating yourself.  – Lisa Pellegrini
  • The entire event was fabulous!!! Perfect speakers, great breakout sessions – could not have been better! – Deidre Depathy
  • The uplifting speakers, made me realize my story is important if for no other reason than to help me recognize my mountaintops and valleys and how I deal with them. – Anonymous
  • I thought all the speakers were relevant and spot-on! – Susan Rogers
  • This year’s breakout sessions were the best I’ve attended at any of the Women’s Leadership Conferences! – Sarah Etelman
  • The two breakout sessions I attended, I think these were better breakout sessions than in prior years (although King Peggy was the best EVER last year!) – Anonymous
  • The whole day was filled with positive energy and inspiration. I left feeling great and it carried me through the weekend! – Nicole Santaniello
  • I really enjoyed this year’s theme, and felt that all of the sessions (keynotes and breakouts I attended) supported it beautifully.
    – Jamie Sirois
  • Everything…really I love the energy, I love the way I feel when I leave, I love the messages shared. I love that I always learn something unexpected. – Laurie McDonald
  • LOVED the theme. Stories give life meaning and help create a bond of unity. – Lisa Moriarty
  • The theme of this year’s conference spoke to where I am in life and questions I’ve been asking myself. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect. All the speakers mentioned things that resonated with me. – Anonymous
  • The highlight of my day was Lisa Kogan. I was not expecting to enjoy that breakout session as much as I actually did, it was unexpected in a very good way. – Meghan Parnell
  • Lara was fabulous and inspiring. The networking is motivating and provides opportunity. I had an excellent day. – Danielle Mann
  • Keynote speakers-there is always at least one that brings tears to my eyes because it seems as if they’re speaking directly to me. They are very inspiring. The inspiration I receive is what will keep me coming back. – Tina M Santiago