Executive Track: New in 2017 for Senior Management

This breakout is for senior level managers, and will include a morning and afternoon session and reserved seating in the general sessions for keynote presentations.

Please note that pricing is an additional $100 per person to enroll.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: The Secret to Leadership Success and Happiness at Work

Dr. Annie McKee will engage participants in a highly interactive two-part breakout session focused on how to develop and use empathy to create resonant and effective teams and organizations. Through activities and exercises, leaders will discover how their emotional intelligence—and in particular their empathy—enables them to build strong, productive relationships with colleagues, collaborate with peers, and understand the challenges that senior managers face. Additionally, Dr. McKee’s session will provide participants with ways to explore how to be happy and successful at work. As a result of this two-part session, participants will:

  • Have better understanding of how emotional intelligence, and empathy in particular, are essential for leadership success
  • Discover their key strengths around self-awareness, self-management, and empathy and be better prepared to leverage these strengths to create resonance in their teams and organizations
  • Understand how to tap into purpose and hope to become more engaged at work
  • Know how to use empathy and emotional intelligence to build strong friendships in the workplace
  • Have a new perspective on thorny people problems at work—and an action plan to deal with them

Participants will be sent links for pre-conference work, details to come by email after sign-up.

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About Dr. Annie McKee:

Dr. Annie McKee is an advisor to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, governments and NGOs around the globe. She is a Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and the Director of the PennCLO Executive Doctoral.

Annie is the bestselling coauthor of three successful books published by Harvard Business Review Press: Primal Leadership, with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis (2002); Resonant Leadership, with Richard Boyatzis (2005), and Becoming a Resonant Leader, with Richard Boyatzis and Frances Johnston (2008). She is also the author of Management: A Focus on Leaders (Pearson/Prentice Hall 2014).

Her book, Becoming a Resonant Leader, a follow-up to Resonant Leadership, is a hands-on guide to developing emotional intelligence, renewing relationships, and sustaining effectiveness. McKee also wrote 2011’s Management: A Focus on Leadership and co-authored the bestseller Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis.

Based on her popular Harvard Business Review article, “Being Happy at Work Matters,” McKee’s next book will focus on a simple fact: happy people work harder and smarter. McKee explains the three rules to engaging employees and making companies stronger: shared vision, a sense of purpose, and, of course, good relationships.

The director of the Medical Education Masters program at the University of Pennsylvania, McKee is also writing a groundbreaking book that will revolutionize how health care management is taught and learned, and one that will help leaders and everyday people see the opportunities and pitfalls in complex global organizations.

Through her engaging speeches and customizable seminars, McKee demonstrates that “the best leaders create resonance — a reservoir of positivity that inspires passion and motivates people to perform at their best.” She believes that resonant leaders do more than simply chart a strategy or manage resources — they create an environment where people can be at their best — in a climate that is characterized by hope and a shared belief in a compelling vision.

A blogger for Harvard Business Review, McKee is a Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and a member of the Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory committee. She also teaches at the Wharton School’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education.