January 26, 2020

What is your power suit?

Do you know this woman? You should! Her name is Patrice Banks and she’s redefining auto repair for women. Ford thinks she’s a big deal, and so do we. That’s why we’re bringing her to the WLC to talk about her vision. See how Patrice is Owning her…

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February 13, 2019

Rita Moreno Mixes Up a Carnival in the Kitchen

“My ovaries may not make babies, but I’m not done for,” said the 87-year-old actress, who stars in the Netflix reboot of “One Day at a Time.” Rita Moreno took a deep, languorous inhale. “I love this smell,” she said. “Can you smell this? It’s an unusual smell.” The…

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December 6, 2018

Listen Up! Get your Seat!

Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, internationally recognized social media influencer, and 2019 WLC lunchtime keynote speaker Mel Robbins has a message for you: Did you hear that? “Your dreams matter. Why not you? You deserve to get the  information, the inspiration, and the tools that you need in order…

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