The Story Behind the Headlines

If the name “Lara Setrakian” doesn’t ring a bell for you now, it certainly will after you hear her speak at this year’s Women’s Leadership Conference. Her story begins as a first-generation child of Armenian-American immigrants, continues as a graduate of Harvard University, and leads to her groundbreaking work in digital journalism.

As the creator of Syria Deeply, a single-topic news site that provides up-to-the-second coverage of the cataclysmic events in Syria, Lara is deeply committed to sharing — not a sound byte, but the broader story in context. News and social media feeds are only a few the of tools used to create this website; Syria Deeply’s model also allows for a highly inclusive approach to contributors. As a result of her journalistic vision, her readers have watched the story of Syria unfold with a “you are there” perspective. The pioneering efforts of Lara Setrakian and her colleagues are re-writing the future of how news is told.