Luncheon Keynote – Patrice Banks

From auto airhead to #sheCANic!

Patrice Banks, the founder of Girls Auto Clinic (GAC), is opening up the male-dominated automotive industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the status quo with her inspiring and energetic movement that inspires women, the #1 customer in the auto industry, to be #sheCANics, confident drivers, and smart consumers.

Banks, a self-described auto airhead hated all of her automotive buying and repair experiences. Frustrated with the lack of resources educating women on car care and her inability to find a female mechanic in the Philadelphia area, Patrice enrolled in automotive technology school to learn how to work on cars. Her mission with Girl Auto Clinic was to create a place she wanted to bring her car for repair and maintenance. She has since made it her mission to educate and empower women through their cars!

By telling her story, she continues to make history, through engaging talks, interactive workshops, authoring an informative car care guide, and the successful running of a repair garage with female mechanics and a nail salon to get your nails done while you wait for your car!

Girls Auto Clinic offers automotive buying and repair resources, services, and products to women by women. Prior to establishing GAC, Patrice worked for more than 12 years as an engineer, manager, and leader at DuPont, a science and technology company.  Patrice holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Engineering from Lehigh University and an Automotive Technology Diploma from Delaware Technical Community College.  She is the author of the book, The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide.

She was recently featured in a campaign for Ford Motor Company, titled “The New Power Suit.”

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