Arctic Deeply

Arctic Deeply was supposed to be next in line after Syria Deeply, the single-focus news site Lara Setrakian launched three years ago to offer depth and context to news concerning the region. But then the Ebola outbreak erupted, and the drought in California persisted and worsened. Arctic Deeply waited in the wings as Ebola Deeply and Water Deeply were born in response to those specific crises.

The fourth site in the News Deeply family, Arctic Deeply, launches Tuesday, drilling down on stories about the Arctic region and the radiating consequences that a shrinking Arctic brings to global ecology, the energy industry, national security, international relations, and the future of indigenous indigenous communities. It follows the model of Syria Deeply (which in turn was a model for Ebola and Water Deeplies): the site will run a mix of reported pieces, on-the-ground stories and analysis from people who live near the Arctic, op-eds from academics, researchers at think tanks, and community leaders, and some aggregation from other sites.

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