5 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You

Interested in attending the conference this year? Here are 5 reasons why your boss should send you!

  1. Team Building: Attending the conference with a group of women from work allows for team-building and bonding to take place throughout the day. Ideas are created, alliances are established, and lasting bonds are formed through this shared positive experience.
  2. Networking Value: This conference allows you to network and build relationships with professional women in the community who may have different backgrounds but share a common interest.
  3. Increase Productivity: Stepping outside the confines of our normal work routine can help us re-focus and eliminate “cubicle rut.” A day spent in a new environment, surrounded by a community of professional, passionate people, will offer refreshing new perspectives. Sometimes all it takes is a break from the daily routine to encourage and invigorate your calling to the profession, re-inspire you, and fuel your motivation to complete projects with renewed vigor. Visit the Health and Wellness Center for tips on how physical and emotional wellness can increase productivity.
  4. Benefit From Outside Experts: This is an opportunity to absorb a wide range of leadership advice from a panel of celebrated experts. Bringing the bigger picture into your daily routine can be challenging – unless it comes from a seasoned and well-respected figure, which is exactly what participants will experience all day long as they listen to world renowned speakers.
  5. Get Inspired: The Women’s Leadership Conference inspires women in the community to be the best that they can be-both professionally and personally. This will be achieved through practical breakout sessions, award-winning speakers and coaching sessions in the Career & Life Planning Center.