2019 Morning Keynote Speakers

Margot Stern & Yael Schuster (Dr. Mom)

Meet StellarNova’s founders, and our 2019 WLC morning keynotes, Margot Stern and Dr. Yael Schuster! When a business-minded woman crossed paths with an organic chemist, StellarNova was born. Margot and Dr. Yael have changed the game for children’s books and toys through releasing products such as the Jet Car kit. Starting in their home-base of Israel, StellarNova has now spread to impact children and their interest in science worldwide.

With a Masters in Business from the University of Florida, Margot is the CEO and business mind behind it all. With several years spent as the driving force behind several Israeli startups. A few years ago, Dr. Yael came to her as a client with a bright idea to create meaningful STEM-based multimedia products for children. This led to her becoming Margot’s partner in a business that would become larger than either of them could have imagined.

After earning her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and spending over a decade in the academic field, Yael was inspired to create something new for young scientific minds. As a child, Yael had countless questions that could not be answered in the classroom. Also known as “Dr. Mom”, her goal through StellarNova is to open the opportunity for children to discover and answer their own STEM-related questions. With a focus on inspiring young women and girls, StellarNova features central female characters throughout many of their products.