Stress vs. Peace: What Truly is the Difference?

Stress vs. Peace: What Truly is the Difference?
by Mary-Anne DiBlasio

Now, as silly as that question may seem, think about it for just one minute. Stress vs. Peace. Stress is what we feel most days and peace is what we want to feel. Do we have to eliminate the stress in our lives in order to achieve peace? No. However, we can limit the amount of things in our lives that we know cause us to feel stress. In addition, we can learn how to change our reaction to and perception of the stressors we can’t limit or eliminate, and learn to react positively to our stressors. The meaning of true peace is not to be in a peaceful state at all times. Rather, it is to feel peaceful in the midst of the drama and chaos happening within our lives. As Wayne Dyer once wrote, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” If we learn to change our perspective of those things that stress us, the stress we feel can be reduced.

From the book, Power of Intention to The Secret, we have learned that we are able to manifest positivity within our lives. We are able to choose how something affects us, both negatively and positively. The glass half full versus the glass half empty is another perfect example of how the same glass can be viewed in two very different ways. People are either in a state of need or in a state of abundance. How we choose to allow something, positive or negative, into our lives is indeed our own choice. We can choose how something has an effect upon us.

There are simple steps we can take that may seem almost too simple to make a significant difference in our lives. But, if we take the time and commit to a few daily steps, we will see a difference. All too often, we forget to nurture the one person who matters the most: ourselves. We spend time nurturing and giving our energy away to so many people: family, friends, spouses, and jobs. We forget to replenish our own energy and well being. When we forget to take care of ourselves, we are not as healthy or happy as we could be. There is a balance everyone should strive to achieve, a perfect ebb and flow of energy that equals the right amount of give and take. Take the time to learn your balance and limits, and how to recharge and replenish yourself.

Mary-Anne DiBlasio is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Be Well Life Coach™ and Founder of Western Mass Wellness Center. Mary-Anne prides herself in walking her talk and talking her truth. She believes in empowering her clients to truly take care of themselves, to be accountable for their choices, and to acknowledge and move past their mistakes. In her breakout session she will share with you simple techniques that support change in one’s perspective and how to view and deal with stress in a more productive way.