Financial Advice for Recent Grads

Manisha Thakor specializes in financial consulting for women of all ages, including young professionals. Although aimed at recent graduates, Thakor’s recent blog post on this subject features advice that is useful for women in any stage of their career.

These advice tidbits come from personal experience as well as interviews with successful businesswomen. By asking these women to outline their best and worst financial moves, Thakor was able to collectively compile this list of successful habits:

Live within your means right out of the gate– and, understand that your life likely won’t look like mom and dads right away.

Bow down and respect the incredible power of compounding– start saving right out of school, no matter how hard it hurts and how unpleasant the tradeoffs.

Be an advocate for your own financial security– whether in the workplace or on the home front.

Thakor states that the biggest mistakes women make stem from numbers 2 & 3 because many women tend to be risk averse and hesitant to advocate for themselves. To learn how to overcome these mistakes and for other financial advice visit: