2012 Applause

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Attendee Feedback:

  • “To have ONE keynote speaker of that caliber is an honor…but to have THREE keynote speakers of that caliber is off the charts AWESOME!” -Maria Libbey
  • “Extremely informative and supportive for women at every stage in their life and at every level in their careers.  I wished I had attended something like this at the start of my career 20 years ago.” -Kelsey Collins
  • “I found the contrast of styles and topics of the 3 keynote speakers to be extremely useful as well as stimulating.  Whilst Majora Carter was the most appealing to me personally and, I felt, placed very well in the program as well as being an excellent choice for the audience, she was offset by 2 other moving and interesting speakers which made it a well-rounded experience on the whole.”  Thank you. -Kim Auger
  • “I enjoyed being “refreshed” on my inner feelings and looking at life in a much more positive way. Everyone goes through hard times but it’s how you come out of these hard times that matters the most.” -Doreen Bashista
  • “The whole experience was energizing, as busy as we all are, we don’t always set time aside for our own professional and personal development, and this was a great.” -Alicia Boyd
  • “Sr. Helen was fabulous.  If there was nothing else I would have been satisfied.  Additionally, the inductions into the Hall of Fame were interesting.  I thought the scheduling was very well done this year as well.  Not so overwhelming.  And I got to shop!!!” -Jenna Hubacz
  • “Being able to network w/all the attendees and listen to other women’s ideas/struggles.  It allowed me to feel that “not only me” feeling.  I LOVED the three main speakers – they truely inspired me and gave me HOPE for a better society and that I as ONE can change others and that one by one things can change and greatness as a whole can be achieved.” -Jenny Goodchild
  • “I always take away something of great value from the conference, but this year the timing of the event was perfect to help me address a family issue for which the speakers’ content provided me with some ideas on how to approach the situation.” -Shamia Lodge
  • “The ability to look up from the daily bustle and reflect on how to become a better manager, employee, mom and friend. The conference led a WONDERFULLY thought-provoking topic….compassion – and applying it to the workplace. This is a very challenging concept and it was tackled very well – discussion with real-life examples and tactics to apply in your everyday life. Very inspirational!” -Nancy Maleno
  • “Enjoyed the fellowship with other women in leadership positions, and how beneficial it is to know what your passion is so that you can show your compassion.” -DyAnn Pendergrass
  • “I enjoyed the whole experience; from the speakers to the breakout sessions to the caliber of the women attending.” -Jayne Benmosche
  • “I always love the Women’s leadership conferences, and leave inspired.  The quality of speakers is of the highest caliber – I don’t know how you are able to get them.” -Marissa Parker
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to network with other business women. I felt the keynote speakers were all exceptional and moving. This experience was inspirational and absolutely life changing.” -Elizabeth Rosa
  • “It was a call to action as well as a source of inspiration and re-charging and re-committing. It enabled me to become familiar with Majora Carter and Sister Helen and the outstanding work they’re doing bringing the impossible into the realm of the possible through their actions.” -Pamela Nadeau
  • “The speakers were my favorite part of the conference. So informative, yet so enlightening. The shopping was a great stress reliever and made the day light and fun. The perfect combination.” -Samantha Santos
  • “It was great to get out of the office and enjoy a day with the women of Western Mass.  The 3 keynote speakers were so very interesting – none of which I thought I would enjoy as much as I did.” -Amy Lefevre
  • “I love the speakers and how inspirational they were. Every time I attend this conference I leave with a new outlook on life. It is life changing.” -Kathleen Stockseth
  • “Being surrounded by women leaders and future leaders. Very inspiring!” -Anonymous
  • “Dear Dr. Leary:  I am a member of the Women’s Online Completion program and a 1978 graduate of Bay Path.  I attended the Women’s conference yesterday and want to thank you for inviting us.  I was so impressed with the event and this year’s speakers, and proud to once again be a member of the Bay Path community.  Yesterday confirmed I made the right decision to take part in the online completion program; I feel like I am in the right place at the right time.  Thank you again for including us; it was a wonderful day.” -Cheryl Orenstein
  • “The conference theme was astounding. I walked away feeling bold, strong and looking at situations in a different light. Thank you, Bay Path. Keep up the good work.” -Sandra Hamilton Bascove
  • “I want to thank you for a wonderful conference on Friday.  Additionally I’d like to thank you also for the emails and information leading up to it.  They were very helpful.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend- this was my first attendance and it was absolutely inspiring.” -Trudy Pierce

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